Oxford Muslim College | Alimiyyah Certificate (Year 1)
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Alimiyyah Certificate (Year 1)

Course structure

Alimiyyah Certificate (Year 1)
Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3
Science of Hadith Terminology of Hadith I Bulugh Al Maram I
Tadween us Sunnah Usool Al Fiqh I Islamic History I
Tawheed I Explanation of Qawaa’id Al Fiqhiyyah Seerah I
L3 Certificate in Arabic

Credit value
120 Credits

Course code

Course Duration
Self-paced with 12 Months Registration

Course Progression
Alimiyyah Diploma (Year 2)

Online assessment (MCQ) per module


The Alimiyyah Programme is an undergraduate level programme in Shari’ah (Islamic Law) and Islamic Theology. The programme is an in-depth study of subjects such as Tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh and the principles of Tafsir, Hadith and Fiqh. It also includes an indepth study of classical Arabic. The aim of the Alimiyyah curriculum is to produce Muslims and potential leaders who are competent in the Islamic sciences such as Tafsir and Hadith. In addition to imparting knowledge and skills, the curriculum, and the environment within which it is taught is designed to produce Muslims whose knowledge is marked by tradition, intelligence, piety, responsibility, and generosity of spirit. It is our firm belief that Oxford Muslim College (OMC) and its academic system and curriculum are the future for Islamic education producing of competent Muslims who are equipped with the necessary Islamic knowledge to lead their lives as practicing Muslims in the 21st century. The Alimiyyah Program is principally designed for students who wish to study the Islamic sciences in-depth, attain reading fluency in classical Arabic, and are motivated to commit regular time every week. The course is self-paced and completely online, which allows for flexibility for those who are not able to commit the same hours every week. Though the program itself is for English-speaking students, students will be moved to Arabic reading fluency so that they can study the different disciplines in the language of the scholars.