Oxford Muslim College | Terminology of Hadith III
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Terminology of Hadith III

Credit value
10 Credits

Course code

Course Duration
Self-paced with 6 Months Registration

Course Progression

  • Science of Hadith
  • Books of Hadith

Online assessment (MCQ)

Course tutor
Ustadh Harris Gafur Mozambique


Nukhbatul fikr is a classical work on Usool al-Hadith by the al-Hafidh Ibn Hajr al- Asqalani. An essential title for anyone seriously interested in learning about Hadith, their chains of transmission, narrators, and classifications.

Course Aims & Objectives:
In level 3 of the terminology of Hadith, the Second half of the book “Nukhbatul-Fikr” will be taught. The lessons begin with the defects found in the narrator, asal-Jahaalah & Mubham (the unknown and obscure), Bid’ah (innovation), followed by Siyagh al-Adaa [The words of delivery], Rulings related to Jarh wa Tadeel, the
etiquettes of the shaykh and disciple, the age of hearing and delivering reports, the method of writing and recording etc. The book ends by the mention of travelling in pursuit of hadith, types of hadith Compilation and the reasons behind the Hadith.
The selected book will allow the student to widen his knowledge in the area of Mustalah, by going through the different types of this ilm mentioned by ibn Hajar rahimahullah, and studying the different opinions of the muhaddithin on the
terminologies studied.