Oxford Muslim College | Usool al fiqh III
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Usool al fiqh III

Course code

Credit value
10 Credits

Course Duration
Self-paced with 6 Months Registration

Course Progression

  • Bulugh Al Maram
  • Certificate in Shariah

Online assessment (MCQ)

Course tutor
Ustadh Imraan Mollagee South Africa


In Usool ul-Fiqh 3, the book ‘al-Waraqaat’ will be completed. Chapters like that of Abrogation, conflicting of evidences, Ijmaa’ (consensus), Qiyas, Taqleed, Ijtihaad and others are dealt with.

Course Objectives:
The objective is to give the student a further and deeper understanding of the science of Usool ul-Fiqh with more chapters dealt with and explained. Some of the most important issues pertaining to Usool ul-Fiqh are taught in this semester, like Abrogation, Ijmaa’ (Consensus), Qiyas, Taqleed, Ijtihaad etc!  This information gives the student a glimpse into the thinking and approach of the Scholars when they pass Fatawa, and it also aids in understanding how and why Scholars differ.