Oxford Muslim College | Online Islamic Education For All
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About Us
Oxford Muslim college is an online educational provider based in Oxford with the aims to deliver religious knowledge in order to educate people of all faiths on the fundamentals of the Islamic sciences. OMC’s mission is to provide world-class education and training online to people across the globe, and it is rooted in the rich intellectual heritage of the Islamic sciences and civilisation.OMC aims to provide the essential knowledge of the Islamic sciences in order to educate individuals to better understand the principles of the Islamic faith, and the sciences that underpin religious understanding. OMC caters for individuals from all faiths and backgrounds. Whether you are a Muslim who wishes to learn the basics of your faith, to an individual who would like to gain a deeper understanding of the Islamic sciences or someone who is not from the Islamic faith wanting to study the Islamic faith, we at OMC believe we have something for you.The College is independent of governments and is not affiliated to any Islamic movement, nor is OMC aligned to a particular school of Islamic thought. OMC provides a politically free, dogma free, institutionally as well as madhab independent way to learn the Islamic faith and the Islamic sciences.

Short courses

These are short self-paced programmes, and include a range of subjects
All Short courses are priced at £20

Certificate / diploma programmes

These are longer self-paced programmes with current programmes including:

  • Certificate in Islamic sciences
  • Diploma in Islamic sciences
  • Advanced diploma in Islamic sciences

All these courses are priced at £150

Arabic Language courses

  • L3 Award in ArabicThis course is priced at £150
  • L4 Certificate in ArabicThis course is priced at £150
  • L5 Diploma in ArabicThis course is priced at £150

Teacher training

This is an online (but can also be run onsite for groups of teachers) training course for teachers teaching in Islamic maktabs and Islamic schools. The programme is at 2 levels:

  • Level 3 Education and Training (3- 6 months)Online = £150
  • Level 5 Education and Training (this course will lead to UK qualified teacher status, with duration of 6 – 12 months)Online = £150

Meet Our Students

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We are a dynamic and engaged college dedicated to excellence in teaching and research.