Oxford Muslim College | Alimiyyah Programme
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Alimiyyah Programme

Oxford Muslim College presents its pioneering 3-year Islamic Learning Programme, popularly known as ‘The Alimiyyah Programme’. This course provides a unique opportunity to study Arabic and Islamic Sciences to an advanced level via online studies and with a dynamic selection of courses. The syllabus is designed to teach learners to become proficient in and acquainted with the Islamic scholarly legacy.

The Alimiyyah programme provides an insightful understanding of the Islamic sciences of Hadith, Fiqh, Tafsir and the principles informing these disciplines.  The programme seeks to enrich understanding of the diverse scholarly opinions and encourages critical thinking.Throughout the 3-year programme, learners will engage in discussions and analysis to prepare for assessments that will provide them with a qualification equivalent at Level 5 in the United Kingdom. A further 4th year of study will lead to a qualification at Level 6 (UK Bachelor’s degree equivalent).

Learners will graduate with a sound understanding of the Arabic language and Islamic Sciences as informed, mature students of the Islamic religion, who are able to provide valuable contributions for Muslims worldwide.

Alimiyyah Certificate (Year 1)

  • Course Code OMCALM1
  • PRICE £150

Alimiyyah Diploma (Year 2)

  • Course Code OMCALM2
  • PRICE £150
Alimiyyah Advanced Diploma (Year 3)
  • Course Code OMCALM3
  • PRICE £150
Alimiyyah Bachelors Degree (Year 4)
  • Course Code OMCALM4
  • PRICE £150