Oxford Muslim College | Explanation of 40 Hadith I (An Nawawi)
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Explanation of 40 Hadith I (An Nawawi)

Credit value
10 Credits

Course code

Course Duration
Self-paced with 6 Months Registration

Course Progression

  • Books of Hadith
  • Science of Hadith
  • Terminology of Hadith
  • Bulugh Al Maram

Online assessment (MCQ)

Course tutor
Abu AbdullahUnited Kingdom


In this course, the students will study a concise biography of Imam An-Nawawi and the reason why he authored the book. As well as its standing within the Ummah. The students will have the chance to study the contents of the ahadeeth in-depth from a variety of angles including and not limited to; Benefits of the Hadith, reasons for its revelation, its use as evidence in issues pertaining to Aqeedah and Fiqh. Differences of opinion among scholars pertaining to the rulings derived from the hadith. How the ahadeeth are used as an evidence and rebuttal against innovated beliefs and practices.
Why the author chose them and the reasons why they were put into certain chapters. Issues pertaining to grammar. Occasionally the ahadeeth’s sourcing from different chain of narrators’ and their different wording according to that.

Course Aims & Objectives:
After completing the course, students will have gained an in-depth study and understanding of all the ahaadith taught to them. With a comprehensive grasp of their issues in most fields of Islamic knowledge, they will be able to implement such ahadeeth in their lives with confidence and with a broad and deep understanding. It will hopefully be used as a basis for which they can broaden their studies of ahadeeth and teach in the future.